About Brent

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Thoreau Scholarship

Brent has been engaged in Thoreau-related scholarship since 2009. He has written about Thoreau's Native American interests, his virtue ethics and political philosophy, his walking gait, and the question of his participation in the Concord militia. His efforts were recognized with a Thoreau Society Research Fellowship in 2012. He has presented research findings in Concord and Acton, Massachusetts, in New York City, and in Gothenberg, Sweden. Brent serves as Editor of the quarterly Thoreau Society Bulletin. See a list of publications.

More about Brent

Brent is a Research Scholar with the Ronin Institute, with interests in environmental studies and science studies, plus Basic Income, a Congressional secret ballot, and other blue-sky public policy initiatives. In addition to his work as a scholar and performer, Brent is a policy professional who provides project management, research, and communications support to public sector clients. Brent and his family live in Eastern Massachusetts.